The National Orange Show Fair

The National Orange Show Fair plays a notable part in the heritage of San Bernardino. As passionate members in our community, our purpose is to increase residents involvement, as well as teach the new generation the history of our city. Not only does the NOS Fair have a historical significance, but many of the parents who grew up in San Bernardino view the NOS Fair as a nostalgic experience they can pass onto their children.

Within the past several years the National Orange Show Fair has seen a noticeable decrease in attendance – reaching close to only 30,000 attendees in April of 2015. This was due to minimal advertising as well as a lack of interest from new audiences, such as Generation Y’s and Millennial’s.

Our marketing team used this opportunity to rebrand the fair for April 2016. We successfully accomplished this by creating a new logo, theme, and modernizing our name to the NOS Citrus Fair, in order to appeal to a larger audience. To increase our brand awareness we also created design symmetry across each advertising platform, in order to maximize our brand image. These platforms consist of advertising placements, social media campaigns, and extensive community outreach through our Street Team.

The following are my marketing and rebranding contributions to the NOS 2016 Citrus Fair:


Street Team Coordinator: Coordinated and attended over 30 community outreach opportunities in order to advertise the rebranding of the NOS Fair; hosting booths at locations such as weekly Market Nights, the Highland Citrus Festival, SelfHelp Festival, Sporting Events, San Bernardino Unified School District’s Book-Fair, San Bernardino’s Third Thursday food truck events, Cal State San Bernardino, Love Fullerton, the Inland Center Mall, and the National Orange Show’s weekly swap-meet. Our team was also active in local charitable events such as Strike out Child Abuse, and dedicated members to the Chamber of Commerce for the Cities of San Bernardino, Riverside, and Colton – presenting numerous presentations on behalf of the fair.


Our team rebranded the NOS Fair through multiple traditional and digital marketing platforms. These platforms consist of advertising placement in local malls, billboards, street banners, radio ads, transportation vehicles, self mailers, and other print advertisements.  The NOS Fair team also aquired advertisements on several digital platforms. Purchasing a variety of ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email blasts. One of my main responsibilities was to track the success of these advertisements using analytical programs such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Facebook Analytics, and Google Analytics.



I also contributed to creating consistent social media updates and campaigns across every platform. This consisted of creating digital content with Adobe Ai and Adobe In, to develop a uniform social media presence. I was also in charge of the creation and management of multiple social media contests, which increased audience engagement by 80%.


Other aspects I contributed to: Earth Day, Ag Day, Sunshine Day, VIP Reception, Veterans Dinner, Baking Contest, Photography Contest, Citrus Displays, and the Battle of the Bands.