Battle of the Bands

One of my biggest achievements at the National Orange Show was successfully developing and marketing the NOS Fair’s first ever Battle of the Bands. The purpose of this event was to help increase both awareness and attendance from the millennial generation, which was a market the fair had been noticeably lacking.

I began this process by procuring our sponsor, SelfHelp Fest. SelfHelp Fest is an alternative rock music festival hosted on the Orange Show grounds, with close to 50,000 attendees each year. The music festival agreed to partner with the Battle of the Bands, providing:  funding, a SelfHelp representative judge, and the final prize to the winning band (which consisted of cash and backstage meet and greet passes with the headliners of SelfHelp 2017).

After receiving a sponsor we began to release marketing and promotional material to create awareness as well as encourage band entries. This consisted of advertising the contest at SelfHelp Fest 2016, as well as marketing the event through multiple social media platforms. Our team also purchased advertisements at locations that were affluent in the local music scene: such as popular restaurants, bars, and colleges.


Although my main responsibilities for the Battle of the Bands was to coordinate and market the event, I was also stage manager and worked with our interns to provide live feed to multiple social media platforms.

The event was extremely successful, and was renewed for the NOS Fair 2017. SelfHelp even surprised us and offered free SelfHelp tickets to all of the bands who performed!