The National Orange Show

The National Orange Show (or NOS Center) is an event and concert venue in San Bernardino, CA. The Orange Show hosts three community based events a year: The National Orange Show Fair, Brew Fest, and a charity event called Wine and Food Under the Stars. Although these three events are the heart of the NOS Center, we are also dedicated to producing large concerts and festivals from promoters such as Insomniac events (Escape from Wonderland, CountdownNYE, Crush SoCal, Bassrush, DreamState, Beyond Wonderland) and SelfHelp Festival. The NOS Center grounds are enjoyed by several hundred-thousand concertgoersĀ each year – and has been the perfect playground for someone who is passionate about both marketing and the entertainment industry.

Although my main responsibilities involve marketing of the venue as well as our Fair, Brew Fest, and Wine and Food Under the Stars – the NOS Marketing team also serves as a freelancer for marketing of upcoming events and concerts.

The following is a preview of several music festivals that our team has contributed to:

(Warning: SelfHelp trailer contains profanity)

Please take a look at my portfolio which I’ve acquired while working at the National Orange Show: