Precision Targeting at its Best

Have you ever heard the saying that not all impressions are created equal?

This is one of marketing’s greatest dilemmas, impressions are great, but not every impression leads to a sale. While working in the marketing field I’ve realized that the best way to improve the strength of your impressions is by targeting relevant consumers. With over 80 million monthly listeners, Pandora has made a splash in the world of digital marketing, largely in thanks to their impressive targeting skill. 
One of the benefits of marketing online, compared to traditional marketing, is the ability to track your success or ROI. Pandora has successfully taken targeting to a whole new level.

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“Pandora is truly the soundtrack to life. The combination of our personalized listening experience and data-enabled targeting ensures your message is reaching the right audience at the right time.”

Let’s start from the beginning. Users begin their experience with Pandora by creating an account. To create an account with Pandora, each user is asked to enter their email, ZIP code, age, and gender. This collective data allows Pandora to target specific advertisements towards users that are most likely to find the information relevant. The concept of niche advertising is extremely valuable to every marketing professional who is looking to increase brand awareness and gain customers from a specific location, gender, or age group.

“Whether you want to reach fitness-driven moms in Atlanta or mobile Gen Z in Sioux Falls, Pandora’s targeting platform allows us to zero in on your audience. This precision targeting, combined with our massive scale, makes your ad dollars go further. So every impression is a smart impression. The proof is in the data. More of who you want.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.41.23 PMNot only does Pandora have impressive collective data, they also capture the user’s attention. Unlike radio and tv advertisements that can be easily skipped, Pandora users have no choice but to absorb your company’s message. Pandora also only serves one ad at a time, which can only be activated by user interaction. These unique aspects promise the attention of your target audience and ensure that you will only receive quality impressions.

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