Creating a Brand Image

This past year I was lucky enough to be a part of the team that successfully rebranded the National Orange Show Fair. After gaining this incredible experience, I wanted to share the steps that I feel are necessary when developing and maintaining a company’s brand image.

Develop a Voice

The first step of creating a brand’s image is developing your company’s voice. This consists of identifying your brand’s beliefs and targeting what makes you special.

Develop a visual
  1. Color scheme  – A graphic designer’s number one advice: keep it simple. In order to start developing a recognizable brand, pick 2 to 3 colors that you feel represent your brand’s image.
  2. Create a logo – One of the most recognizable aspects of your brand will be your logo, so choose carefully. Your business can either have this professionally made, or you can purchase a pre-made logo that is easily customizable off of The Creative Market.
  3. Fonts – A great way to define your brand is to choose 2-3 fonts, that you continuously use. Font Pair is a wonderful tool to help you decide which fonts look best together.
  4. Website – There are multiple options when developing your dream website, I recommend starting with WordPress. For business’s on a budget, WordPress offers free pre-built themes that are easily customizable to each business’s needs. Don’t forget to focus on your key colors, fonts, and logo design when developing your website.
Develop consistency  

The key is consistency. In order to create a recognizable brand, you must consistently use your brand voice and visual in order to develop an overall identity. This identity should be used across every social media platform, as well as traditional advertising.

One company that has successfully accomplished creating a recognizable brand image is Target. With digital and traditional advertisements filled with fun colors and designs, and the statement “Where products come to play”, Target’s new brand image will be a hard one to forget.

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Be sure to stay tuned for your next daily dose of marketing!

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