An Uproar on Social Media

Instagram started quite an uproar this March with the announcement of their pending algorithm.

“On average people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their Instagram feed, what this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.” – Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s cofounder and chief executive


This update is designed to no longer place posts in chronological order, but instead by the importance of each individual user. This implies that profiles that you typically ‘like’ or are active on will continue to be at the top of your feed. But the accounts you haven’t shown much love to may just disappear from your news feed all together. Even though this update hasn’t been activated just yet, it could potentially change how businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool.

A similar algorithm was updated to Facebook in 2014, which created a drastic change in the world of social media marketing. This algorithm also received heavy opposition after businesses no longer received organic views.

Facebook’s VP of Advertising Technology responded to this cry of outrage from Facebook’s business community, and explained that this update was necessary for two reasons:

  1. There was simply too much content being updated to Facebook, which made the feed extremely competitive and users often missed a large portion of their feed.
  2. Facebook wants to provide users with the best content, or the information that is most relevant to them.

Sound familiar?

This eventually led to Facebook becoming a paid marketing platform, with business pages generating almost no organic traffic.

Between February 2012 and March 2014, organic reach for the average Facebook page dropped from 16% to 6.5% – Edgerank Checker 
Pages with more than 500,000 likes organic reach could be as low as 2% – Research from Social@Ogilvy

It looks like Instagram may just be following in Facebook’s footsteps, but only time will tell what this new algorithm will bring!

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Hayley Hinger

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