Leaving a Personalized Impression

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.32.30 PMTop Five favorite plugins that will help personalize your WordPress Blog:


One of the quickest and easiest ways to connect with a customer is through social media. Not only do these convenient buttons help your blog to gain organic traction, they are also an aspect of your blog that can be customized. Unique colors and shapes can help you to define your business’s brand image down to the very last detail.

2. Mail Poet News Letter

After reading my last blog post, you now know how much I value email marketing. There are multiple options for email plugins, my favorite being mailpoet, which allows for customers to subscribe to both your business and your blog. This plugin is essential and is great for both customer retention and easy access to your customers outside of your website.

3. Alpine Photo Tile for Instagram

This plugin allows viewers to get an inside look into your business. One unfortunate side to digital marketing is the absence of a personal connection, luckily social media helps to fill this void. By allowing customers to see your business and your day to day activities, you develop a connection and relationship that they are more likely to purchase from.

4.  Jetpacks related post

By the time a reader finishes your first blog post you’ve already accomplished the hardest step, capturing your reader’s attention. Placing a ‘related post’ option at the bottom of your blogs allows customers to easily navigate through your website, and potentially find another blog that may benefit them.

5.  Simple Author Box

The last plugin that helps to create a personalized feel to your blog is adding an author box. Readers love putting a face to a name, especially if its a blog that they plan on returning to. By providing viewers with insight into your life you become more approachable and more enticing to purchase from.

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