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Pinterest is an (addicting) social media platform where both men and women can spend hours designing their dream home, wedding, wardrobe, and collect delicious food and drink recipes. But just like every other social media platform, Pinterest offers great opportunities for marketing your own business.

why does your business need to be on pinterest?

  1. Pinterest users, or Pinners, enjoy spending their money. With 79% of users being female, and 86% receiving at least a college degree, Pinners have quite the budget and aren’t afraid of using it.
88% of pinners purchased a product they pinned, while 49% purchased five or more products they pinned.

2. Pinterest is a great  place to promote your business and develop a brand image. With every pin containing a link that directs users back to your website or blog, Pinterest maximizes your traffic and helps to create that final sale. Every pin also has the opportunity to go viral, with over 70 million users and 80% of pins being repinned.

Pinterest grabs around 41% of ecommerce traffic compared to other social media sites

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Key Tip: 

Although Pinterest is a great option to increase organic engagement and traffic to your website, the platform also offers the ability to target a specific audience with Promoted Pins. Promoted Pins are offered to every business, with the focus of increasing your pins visibility to your preferred target audience. This is achieved by placing pins in front of users based on their interest and activity, as well as including key words to your Promoted Pins to increase search capabilities.

There are 3 goals and objectives that you can focus your campaign on:

  1. Engagement: This objective increases the amount of engagement your pins receive, such as views, clicks, and repins. In this campaign you pay per action.
  2. Traffic: This objective focuses on generating traffic to your website, which is paid for per site click.
  3.  Awareness: The awareness objective is currently only offered to Fortune 500 companies, and exposes your brand to a relevant audience.
Stay tuned for your next daily dose of marketing!

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